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About us

dete1Thank you for visiting our website and deciding to get to know us better!

“Florela”llc is a family company which has existed for over 23 years. Our core business is acquisition and distribution of flowers, floristry and other decorative supplies as well as arranging and improving work and living spaces and green surfaces.
Continuous striving to meet market demands, be more efficient and dedicated to our customers, has led to company development on four different levels :
- wholesale
- retail
- field sale
- services
Our wholesale is based on floristry and decorative supplies. In our warehouse you can find many kinds of floral foam, tools and accessories for floristry, decorative ribbons, glass and ceramic vases and bowls, wrapping paper, cellophanes and textile materials, coloured gels and sand… And so much more!
Most of these items are imported and they are results of our long-lasting partnerships with European suppliers. We are official and authorized dealers of one of the world- leading florist suppliers “Smithers – Oasis” for the region of Serbia . Our goal is to provide high quality products with exclusive designs, diverse colours and patterns so you can find ones that suit you best.
Our wholesale, along with the administration, is located in purpose – built area of 800m2 zone Šeovac on the outskirts of the city Kraljevo.
Our retail, flower salon “Gerber” is in charge of arrangements, decorations, interiors and bio – decorations in a recognizable phyto – designer manner. This is an exclusively equipped flower shop located in the very centre of Kraljevo. Apart from regular services of flower arranging and interior decorating, for many years now, we have been cooperating successfully with the international organization for flower arrangements delivery - “Teleflora”.
Field sale includes 5 vans, all fully equipped as a small retail store, so whether you are interested in decorative items and supplies or cut and potted flowers, we offer you an option of delivery to your doorstep.
Service sector is related to designing, building and maintaining green surfaces, as well as to bio - decorations of the interiors. Here, too, we can commend on quality, professionalism and efficiency.
We are following new, modern trends in business and therefore we have prepared an on – line offer for you.
For all the occasions and all your needs,
yours truly,
 tel +381 36/399. 555
 fax +381 36/391- 212
 e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
              This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

O nama

Porodična firma Florela d.o.o. osnovana je u oktobru 1989. godine a već nakon mesec dana je otvoren prvi maloprodajni objekat. Razvijanjem maloprodaje u cvetnom salonu “Gerber”, a zadržavajući osnovnu delatnost - hortikulturu, razvijale su se naše kreativne ideje u oblikovanju cvetnih buketa i aranžmana formirajući prepoznatljiv imidž. Detaljnije...

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Trenutno je 17 gostiju i nema članova online

Cvećara Gerber

  • Miloša Velikog 50, 36000 Kraljevo, Srbija
  • +381 36 317 130


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